2.20 political law links

COURT WON’T HEAR. MTPR. “Montana’s 2015 campaign finance law survived its biggest test Tuesday. The U.S. Supreme Court, without comment, declined to take up a case challenging the state’s Disclose Act.”

CA: MATCHING FUND FINE. LAT. “[J. Roy] Garcia, who runs a flooring business, turned in paperwork to get “matching funds” from the city — taxpayer funds that are supposed to help level the playing field for grassroots candidates by matching small donations from local residents.”

CT: LAWYER CHARGED. WHN. “The legal counsel for Senate Republicans, who previously admitted to stealing tens of thousands of dollars from a political action committee he oversaw, was arrested Wednesday.”

OH: MAYOR STEPS DOWN. N5C. “Highland Heights is getting a new mayor following the resignation of its current mayor, who stepped down amid a campaign finance investigation.”

WA: SEIU TO PAY. ST. “The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Washington State Council 14 has agreed to pay a six-figure settlement over a campaign-finance lawsuit.”

WA: CAMPAIGN FINANCE PROPOSAL. KDN. “HB 1698 would require presidential candidates to release their federal income tax returns 63 days before the primary. Sponsored by Democratic representatives only, the bill would require at least the last five years of tax returns and would allow the secretary of state to redact confidential information. If candidates do not comply they would not appear on the primary ballot.”


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