3.21 political law links

VIOLATIONS SETTLED. JDS. “This settlement is a reminder to all foreign-headquartered companies with U.S. subsidiaries (or U.S. companies with foreign operations) that strict separation between U.S. electoral engagement and foreign individuals and companies is required by law.”

FIRST LAUNCH. CNN. “A leading Democratic super PAC launched its first digital ad campaign of the 2020 election cycle Tuesday after pledging to spend $100 million on early efforts in key battleground states.”

AK: REFORM TOUR. KTOO. “The amendment that [Jeff] Clements’ group proposes would nullify parts of the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision. It struck down many laws that capped how much corporations and individuals could spend in political campaigns.”

AZ: CITY RULES. EAC. “Attorney General Mark Brnovich is going to rule whether cities can impose their own prohibitions on ‘dark money’ in local campaigns.”

DC: MEMBER FINED. WP. “D.C. Council Member Brandon T. Todd (D-Ward 4) has been fined $4,000 after campaign-finance regulators found that he improperly used government resources to try to sway a State Board of Education race last year.”

MN: COMPLAINT FILED. BP. “Just two months after the state Office of Administrative Hearings wrapped up a series of Bemidji campaign finance cases from the 2018 election, another has made its way onto the docket.”

WV: VETO URGED. FT. “Legislators from the State Senate and House of Delegates joined together today to call on Governor Jim Justice to veto Senate Bill 622, the campaign finance reform bill recently passed by the Legislature.”


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