3.25 political law links

BERNIE HIRING QUESTIONS. BB. “A complaint filed against Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign for president maintains that Sanders broke federal election laws by hiring illegal aliens for his campaign staff.”

DC: SCANDAL AND HISTORY. WP. “As the D.C. Council enacted reforms to reduce public corruption, federal prosecutors were probing whether its longest-serving lawmaker, Council member Jack Evans, used his office for private gain.”

MS: VETO URGED. MS. “House Bill 1205 introduced by Rep. Jerry Turner of Baldwyn, would prohibit public agencies from requesting donor identifies from 501(c)(4) organizations and make it a crime to do so.”

NY: ACTION SOUGHT. NYP. “Progressive lawmakers called on Democratic leaders Wednesday to stop stalling on taxpayer-funded campaign financing.”

WV: TRUE REFORM. ET. “Unfortunately, West Virginia’s campaign finance laws have fallen out of step with the rest of the country. Amid increasing concerns over the influence of money on our elections, it is crucial for the public to have confidence that the men and women who seek public office are transparent when it comes to their donors and accountable for their political messaging.”


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