4.3 political law links

CRUZ SUES. CN. “Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas filed a lawsuit Monday challenging the Federal Election Commission’s cap on how much money candidates can reimburse themselves for loans to their campaign, claiming it violates his right to free speech.”

AIDE SENTENCED. TT. “A former aide to ex-U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman was sentenced Tuesday to 18 months in prison for helping the Friendswood Republican with a $1.25 million campaign finance scam.”

CT: DECISION LOOMS. NBC. “The agency that regulates elections in Connecticut could decide later this week on whether candidates for higher office can use their campaign accounts to pay for childcare services.”

NY: LAWMAKER PUNT. DC. “Gov. Andrew Cuomo and legislative leaders spent weeks in closed-door meetings, trying to strike a deal on the weighty, complicated issues of public campaign financing and which bridges to exempt from a new toll on Manhattan drivers.”

NC: INDICTMENTS. WP. “A federal grand jury has indicted the chairman of the Republican Party of North Carolina in an alleged bribery scheme, accusing him of helping a wealthy political donor try to influence a state regulator whose department has oversight of the donor’s company.”


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