4.4.19 political law links

BOGUS COMPLAINT ALLEGED. FN. “Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., told Fox News Wednesday that new claims of campaign finance violations by her and her campaign manager were ‘bogus.'”

PAC PINCH. HILL. “Democratic presidential candidates refusing to take PAC money may be forced to pinch pennies to survive in a crowded primary race where top-tier contenders like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) have the ability to raise tens of millions in small donations.”

SUPER PAC MOVE. OS. “Linda McMahon, currently the head of the Small Business Administration (SBA), is resigning from her position on April 12 to become the chair of America First Action, one of the primary pro-Trump super PACs.”

DOI REFORMS. EE. “Bernhardt directed the department’s ethics officer to develop a plan within 30 days to consolidate the various Interior bureaus’ ethics offices into a single departmentwide office.”

CT: CHILDCARE UPDATE. CP. “Although a growing number of states have decided child care is a generally permissible campaign expense, the all-male State Elections Enforcement Commission ruled Wednesday public campaign funds from the Citizens’ Election Program cannot be used to pay a babysitter while a candidate on the trail.”

MD: UNETHICAL HOLLY. BS. “The Baltimore Board of Ethics voted unanimously Wednesday to open an investigation into whether Democratic Mayor Catherine Pugh’s sale of her ‘Healthy Holly’ children’s books violated city ethics rules.”

NY: STATE OF LIMITS. WNYC. “Cuomo has been urging the legislature to adopt a public financing system to help upstart political candidates challenge incumbents and wealthy opponents. But he told WNYC Tuesday that doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to scale back campaign checks fatter than almost any in the country.”

OR: REFORM NEED. WW. “Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has pledged to address the state’s lack of campaign contribution limits—a system she called ‘mind-boggling’ in recent legislative testimony.”

WV: LIMIT BOOST. HR. “Gov. Jim Justice has approved a bill raising campaign contribution limits in West Virginia political races.”


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