4.16 political law links

CANDIDATE SUES. CO. “Records show that Brown sought an exemption to the rule that would have allowed her business ads to continue.”

WELD IN. POL. “Former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld is officially challenging President Donald Trump in the 2020 Republican primary.”

OPINION IN DISCLOSURE CASE. POL. “An anonymous individual who secretly funneled $1.7 million to a super PAC in 2012 will soon be revealed after a lengthy legal fight — if a new appeals court decision in Washington is not put off for further review by the court.”

MUELLER REPORT UPDATE. HILL. “Federal campaign finance law and Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulations prohibit foreign nationals, directly or indirectly, from making contributions or donations of anything of value to US elections.”

CA: INVESTIGATION CLOSED. PD. “A lengthy state investigation into allegations the son-in-law of a prominent Sonoma County developer violated campaign finance laws during the 2016 Santa Rosa City Council race has been closed without reaching any conclusions.”

CO: NEXT FOR REFORMS. DP. “Denver voters on May 7 will decide who takes the reins of an office that’s charged with carrying out major campaign finance reforms and a new public financing system that could transform future city elections.”

GA: ABRAMS AND SUBPOENA. TPM. “Joyce Gist Lewis, lawyer for former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, is striking a defiant tone in response to the new ethics commission chief’s decision to subpoena the Abrams campaign’s finance records.”

NV: SISTER PAID. RGJ. “Such payments may run afoul of state law if they exceed the fair market value normally paid for the type of services Spearman-Davis provided.”


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