7-29 #politicallawlinks

UNLIMITED DONATIONS. ATL. “The petition argues that the limits are too low under existing precedent, but Clement also drops a footnote suggesting that if existing precedent would allow such low limits, the Court should consider overturning such precedent. He hammers home the point, which Roberts reiterated in McCutcheon, that ingratiation and access are not a form of corruption.”

MONEY MIX-UP. WFB. “After introducing a bill that contained provisions geared towards tackling dark money in politics, House Democrats have a new dark money group in their corner.”

AD LOOK. LI. “It doesn’t get much more seedy and cynical than this.  The Democrat Super PAC Priorities USA is pouring millions into key battleground states to create political ads that look and sound like local news.”

LAST WEEK AT THE FEC. Last week’s weekly digest is here.

CA: MAYOR’S MONEY. KTVU. “Staff with the Oakland Public Ethics Commission has found that Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf’s campaign accepted donations over the legal limit from the owner of several large properties in the city, and has recommended she return the contributions and pay a fine.”

VT: LIMITS ALLEGATIONS. VTD. “The Vermont Republican Party has accepted donations from the parent company of a conservative state news site that exceed the campaign finance limit.”

WA: CONTEMPT IN LAWSUIT. ST. “Initiative-filer and anti-tax activist Tim Eyman has been found in contempt of court for the second time, for refusing to disclose information in the long-running campaign finance lawsuit against him, state Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s office announced Friday.”


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