8.6. political law links

PARTY SEGREGATED ACCOUNT RULES SOUGHT. OS. “The Center and Responsive Politics and the Campaign Legal Center have filed a petition with the Federal Election Commission to require full, transparent financial reporting of the millions of dollars that pass through national political parties’ special-purpose bank accounts.”

SUPER PAC DONOR NEWS. SL. “As former Maryland representative John Delaney campaigns against single-payer health care and enjoys his considerable investments in the health care industry, he’s getting a boost from the wife of a close friend and former health care CEO.”

KOBACH ALLEGATION. DB. “Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach is being accused of illegally using a nonprofit group he advises to raise money for his 2020 Senate run.”

LA: SUPER PAC POUR. HT. “Two major players in the fall campaigns are the Republican Governors Association, through its Right Direction PAC, and the Democratic Governors Association, which has already funneled at least half a million dollars into a Super PAC affiliated with the incumbent governor.”

TX: NEW PAC. TT. “A new super PAC focused on registering new Republican voters in Texas has raised nearly $10 million from some of the state’s biggest GOP donors, according to its first report to the Federal Election Commission.”


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