Political Law Links for Today

DISCLOSURE DARK SIDE. HILL. “House Republican leaders and President Trump’s campaign lashed out at Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas), the brother of Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro, for tweeting out the names and business interests of dozens of donors to the Trump reelection campaign.”

LAWSUIT LAUNCH. WT. “The Campaign Legal Center has filed a lawsuit against the Federal Election Commission, asking a judge to order commissioners to punish a political action committee accused of illegally coordinating its activities with Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016.” Commissioner Weintraub previously voted not not to authorize defense of suit in event complainants file suit.

SUPER PAC DROP. HILL. “The super PAC aligned with House Republican leadership is dropping a new television ad in the race for North Carolina’s contested 9th District accusing Democrat Dan McCready of backing lobbying efforts that benefited his own business.”

AZ: COURT DECIDES. TUCS. ” A judge won’t let the state enforce a law opening the door for more ‘dark money’ in campaigns while it appeals his ruling that the statute is unconstitutional.”

MN: SUGAR ORGANIZING. MNP. “Legally, super PACs are barred from coordinating directly with any campaign — so they cannot talk to Peterson’s campaign about strategy in the way that a regular PAC could.”

NY: OVERDUE PICCILLO. ND. ” It may be six months late, but Anthony Piccirillo, the Republican candidate in Suffolk’s 8th Legislative District, finally has filed five overdue campaign finance reports dating to January.”


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