8.12 8:45 am today’s political law links

DONOR DOX. NR. “Laws mandating disclosure of campaign contributions were originally intended to ensure that the contributions were on the up and up, but they have been turned upside down in today’s take-no-prisoners political climate. Politicians now use disclosure to monitor and police the views of American citizens, calling into question the wisdom of allowing government to surveil so much of our political activity.”

LAST WEEK AT THE FEC. Weekly Digest. The agency closed an ADR matter involving the alleged use of noncommercial aircraft; the ADR agreement provides for no civil money penalty.

COMPLAINT LEVIED. CBS. “These are desperate times for Bill de Blasio and his floundering presidential aspirations. With less than three weeks to qualify for the next big debate, he’s also facing charges of campaign finance violations.”

NAME OF ANOTHER RAISED. HA. “In one of the instances highlighted by the Free Beacon, Gideon donated $1,000 to a Democratic congressional candidate. Then, one month later, her own political action committee, Gideon Leadership PAC, paid her the same amount. You might be able to write that off as a coincidence under normal circumstances, but on her campaign finance disclosure forms she listed the payment as ‘reimbursement for federal contribution.'”

CO: COMPLIANT ON PENNY. CS. “A fundraising technique used by two committees gathering signatures to recall Colorado’s Democratic Gov. Jared Polis is the subject of a campaign finance complaint to the Secretary of State’s office.”

ID: NO VIOLATION. IP. “To complete the investigation, the Boise City Clerk’s Office hired former Idaho U.S. District Attorney Wendy Olson for $4,034. She found that, despite the fact that Idaho Freedom Foundation has some overlap with Boise Working Together in its posts, there were enough significant differences in their views that they were not in coordination. Olson concluded that Idaho Freedom Foundation has long been posting in opposition of the library project, which is different from Boise Working Together’s stated goal of having a vote on the project.”

NC: FUNDS FORFEIT. NO. “An audit of Forest’s campaign by the North Carolina State Board of Elections found numerous violations. In all, Forest resolved the audit by giving up more than $15,000.”


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