9.9 political law links

FUNDS ISSUE. CIN. “While U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot hasn’t said anything publicly about the missing money from his campaign fund, his attorney on Friday vowed to conduct ‘a thorough audit’ and work with law enforcement.”

MONEY CHASE. FN. “Mr. Chaffetz has been digging into nonprofits since his time as House Oversight Committee chairman, and the book details how powerful the liberal nonprofit sector has grown.”

MONEY HIT. PH. “Maine Sen. Susan Collins decried the influence of ‘dark money’ in political campaigns and outlined issues on which she has supported and opposed President Trump during a wide-ranging interview on public radio Friday.”

LAST WEEK AT THE FEC. The week’s Weekly Digest is here.

ARABELLA REPORT. BB. “A largely unknown, massively funded strategy company pushing the interests of wealthy leftist donors has been quietly behind a hydra-like dark money network of pop-up groups designed to look like grassroots activist organizations. These front groups push everything from opposition to President Trump’s proposed border wall to support for Obamacare to gun control to government control of the Internet to pro-abortion activism and other leftwing causes.”

OR: OPEN TO LIMITS. OL. “The Oregon Supreme Court on Wednesday rejected a request to delay arguments in a major campaign finance case, a decision that leaves open the possibility that political donations could be capped in statewide races next year — even though lawmakers have stumbled in their own attempts to set them.”


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