9.11.19 political law links

BAN PROPOSED. RC. “Rep. Rodney Davis said Tuesday he was introducing a bill to ban public financing of congressional campaigns, hitting at a signature piece of House Democrats’ political money overhaul.”

IL: UNLEVEL FIELD. CCR. “Illinois’ campaign finance law may create an unlevel political spending playing field, giving one kind of political organization a built-in advantage. But a federal appeals panel appeared to harbor doubts over whether that makes the law unconstitutional.”

NJ: ACLU SUIT. NJ. “The American Civil Liberties Union went to federal court Tuesday seeking to overturn a measure that would require political action organizations that accept so-called ‘dark money’ in New Jersey to disclose their donors.”

NY: COMMISSION SUED. ATU. “The recently formed commission tasked with creating a public financing system for the state’s elections has been sued for records by the Government Justice Center.”

OR: NEW RULES. PT. “The 2020 city elections will be conducted under new campaign finance disclosure and contribution requirements approved by Portland voters, along with a new public campaign financing program approved by the City Council.”

VA: PAC TO SPEND. WP. “A Democratic super PAC focused on turning statehouses blue will pour $500,000 into Virginia’s ‘off-off-year election’ for the state House of Delegates in November, while another group plans to invest $1 million in pro-environment candidates from either party.”


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