9.23 political law links

FEC HEARING SET. Comm. on House Administration. “On Wednesday, September 25, 2019 the Committee on House Administration will hold a hearing entitled ‘Oversight of the Federal Election Commission.'”

NEED FOR FEC: RAVEL. POL. “At the moment, the FEC cannot meet at all.”

LAST WEEK AT THE FEC. Weekly Digest.

ALEXA, MAX OUT. VER. “On Thursday, you’ll be able to make campaign donations to 2020 presidential candidates through your Amazon Alexa devices — or at least to those candidates whom Amazon deems eligible to set up an account.”

FINDING FAULT. POL. “Mayor Bill de Blasio’s presidential campaign is over, but concerns over his fundraising practices linger on.”

MD: USING PAC. WP. “Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan is reprising his role as a grass-roots agitator, asking top supporters to raise at least $2 million for a lobbying and public relations campaign that would herald his Republican agenda and try to rouse opposition to Democratic priorities.”

MO: MONEY FLOW. NL. “Candidates are abiding by the new rules, to be sure, but the same restrictions don’t apply to independent political action committees, or PACs, some of which explicitly support certain politicians.”

NY: COMMISSION AT WORK. LG. “The New York Public Interest Research Group — New York’s largest student-run watchdog group — unveiled a new report detailing the significant role that campaign contributions play in electing state legislators.”


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