9.24 political law links

HOUSE HEARING SET. CHA. “On Wednesday, September 25, 2019 the Committee on House Administration will hold a hearing entitled ‘Oversight of the Federal Election Commission.'”

BROWSER EXTENSION. HILL. “This is not the first time browser extensions have been used to mock political figures.”

MT: NEW LIMITS. FHB. “State officials say new campaign contribution limits are in place for the upcoming 2020 Montana election season.”

NJ: FLYER CONDEMNED. POL. “LeRoy Jones, who’s the still-as-yet undeclared Essex and South Jersey-backed candidate for Democratic state chairman, is on the same page as state Democratic Chairman John Currie in condemning a mailer that the General Majority super PAC sent out against the 1st District Republican Assembly candidates.”

OK: RENT ISSUE. TOKL. “One of Oklahoma’s most powerful legislators has rented a garage apartment in Oklahoma City from an OGE Energy Corp. lobbyist.”


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