10.15 political law links

IG PROBE. LC. “In a letter to the FEC IG Christopher Skinner on Thursday, Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) accused Weintraub of violating federal ethics rules by improperly using the power of her office to further her political agenda.”

CHAIR WARNS. WP. “FEC Chair Ellen Weintraub warns that the charges brought against two associates of President Trump’s personal lawyer highlight the flow of dark money in the U.S. political system — which she says is just the ‘tip of the iceberg.'”

CA: WHY PEOPLE DON’T RUN. FB. “The California Fair Political Practices Commission is proposing to fine me $12,500 for late filing of campaign finance reports during a 90-day period in 2013, even though the FPPC acknowledged in writing that the campaign ‘substantially complied’ with the law, and even though fines for the identical late filings were already paid to the Secretary of State’s Office in 2014.”

KY: MONEY MOVES. DRB. “The Kentucky Education Association’s political action committee has given another six-figure contribution to a Democratic super PAC supporting Attorney General Andy Beshear’s bid to unseat Republican Gov. Matt Bevin.”

NY: LIMITS DEBATE. CL. “The clock is ticking for the New York State Public Campaign Financing and Election Commission to come up with a set of recommendations for a voluntary campaign contribution matching system by December 1.”

TX: REFORM SOUGHT. RA. “According to Special Agent Michelle Lee, a public affairs officer at the FBI-San Antonio office, the number of cases opened in their office doubled from 2012 through 2013 and tripled in 2014.”

VA: REFORM URGED ON PERSONAL USE. WP. “Republicans argue that tightening the law on use of campaign funds is unneeded because lawmakers are unlikely to risk the wrath of donors by abusing their campaign accounts.”


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