12-5 political law links

DISPOSITION OF CAMPAIGN FUNDS. YN. “Can a candidate just keep the money? The answer is: not exactly.”

CA: DEVELOPER LIMIT. LAT. “L.A.’s elected leaders are on the brink of passing a law that would deprive them of one of their biggest sources of political money — real estate companies with projects pending at City Hall.”

CO: ROLE OF MONEY. CC. “A Washington D.C. based non-profit that pumped millions of dollars nationwide into the 2018 elections, spent heavily in Colorado on progressive issues and Democrat candidates, including Attorney General Phil Weiser, Colorado Secretary of State filings show.”

MI: CASE DEVELOPMENTS. ML. The defense has argued that a request for campaign funds was misconstrued.

MI: TEXT SHOCK. DN. “A longtime Lansing lobbyist testified Tuesday that she interpreted a text message at the center of charges against state Rep. Larry Inman as a request for ‘as much money as we could give him.'”

NY: COURTS COULD SINK. SKG. “But advocates worry that the final report left out a key legal clause — and that could jettison the entire program if any one part of it is successfully challenged in court. It’s called a severability clause, and it’s often included to protect a new law from court challenges.”


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