Political Law Links for 1-6-20

LAST WEEK AT THE FEC. The agency’s latest weekly digest is here.

CRUZ WIN. DDC. The court granted the Cruz Plaintiffs’ motion to convene a three-judge court and denied the FEC’s motion to dismiss. The case involves a challenge to a restriction on the amount of post-election contributions a campaign committee can use to repay a candidate’s pre-election loans.

AZ: ACCOUNTING SOUGHT. AT. “The Arizona Citizens Clean Election Commission wants to know what happened to the voter-approved money it gave the Secretary of State’s Office for its See the Money campaign finance website.”

FL: SUPER PAC TARGETS. POL. “A Democratic super PAC focused on flipping state legislatures is set to pour at least $10 million into four states it wants to turn blue ahead of political redistricting in 2021.”

NC: COMPLAINT AGAINST CHAIR. NCPW. “Citizen watchdog Bob Hall filed a complaint today at the State Board of Elections claiming the senior chair of the NC House Appropriations Committee, Rep. Linda Johnson (R-Cabarrus), has not disclosed receiving more than $20,000 of contributions that political action committees (PACs) report sending to her campaign since 2016.”

NC: OPEN COMMENT. PW. “Public comment begins today for North Carolinians to weigh in on proposed rules and amendments to rules pertaining to campaign finance requirements, according to the State Board of Elections.”

PA: NEW CHALLENGE. PPG. “Pittsburgh’s decade-long effort to limit the influence of money in city politics now faces both a court challenge and complaints from some candidates that it threatens to stifle democracy.”


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