04152020 political law links

FACEBOOK SUED FOR REPEATED VIOLATIONS. WAAG. “Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a campaign finance lawsuit today against Facebook for selling Washington state political ads without maintaining information for the public as required by Washington state campaign finance law. The complaint asserts that Facebook intentionally violated the state’s campaign finance disclosure law, which was first adopted by initiative in 1972 and reenacted and amended multiple times since 1976 by the Legislature.”

STOCK GIFT QUESTION. WFB. “A prominent Democratic group poised to spend millions backing former vice president Joe Biden received $100,000 in the form of stock shares in the Chinese technology giant Baidu from an anonymous donor. Baidu, like many Chinese technology companies, is closely affiliated with China’s ruling Communist Party.”

STATION SUED. HILL. “President Trump’s reelection campaign on Monday filed a defamation lawsuit against a Wisconsin television station for running an ad cut by the liberal super PAC Priorities USA alleging the president called the coronavirus a ‘hoax.'”

GA: COVID LIMBO. NWG. “Georgia lawmakers cannot legally raise campaign contributions while the General Assembly’s 2020 session remains suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak, the state agency board tasked with enforcing the state’s campaign finance laws decided Tuesday.”

NY: PUBLIC FINANCING VIEW. KCP. “The State Legislature can right this. Repeal these provisions and pass your own campaign finance reform in a normal vote, during a normal time.”

TN: SOURCE OF FUNDS. TNSN. “Williamson County’s state House members have received nearly $1 million in campaign contributions over the past five years.”


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