5.7 political law links

PUSH TO REVIVE. BGOV. “Advocates of stricter campaign finance law enforcement fear a Senate Republican push to restore a quorum on the Federal Election Commission could thwart their ability to pursue alleged violations in court.”

PAC ATTACK. MC. “A Democratic political-action committee has made the first major independent media buy in Montana’s U.S. Senate race, spending almost $700,000 for an ad attacking Republican Sen. Steve Daines.”

WATCHDOG FILES. DES. “A watchdog group has filed a Federal Election Commission complaint against a GOP congressional candidate for allegedly accepting an in-kind contribution by coordinating with a nonprofit organization to attack Utah Rep. Chris Stewart.”

DRAFT COMMITTEE UP. HILL. “A new committee is pushing for former first lady Michelle Obama to join the ticket of presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden as his vice president.”

MONEY DROP. SAL. “A dark-money group aligned with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, is dropping more than half a million dollars on an advertisement shielding Sen. Susan Collins of Maine, an embattled Republican incumbent, from criticism of her response to the coronavirus outbreak.”

MD: COMPLAINT FILED. BSUN. “A nonprofit advocacy group has filed an ethics complaint with the Maryland elections board, alleging campaign finance violations by a super PAC that is backing Baltimore mayoral candidate Mary Miller.”

OR: TAKING THE LEAD. BB. “Gov. Kate Brown is using her well-funded political action committee to back a November ballot measure that would amend the state constitution to allow limits on money in politics.”


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