12.14 political law links

QUESTIONS FOR PERDUE. SAL. “The Federal Election Commission (FEC) sent Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., a lengthy letter last week asking the embattled GOP incumbent to explain a number of apparent violations in his campaign contribution filings this year, including from a banking organization and a major pharmaceutical PAC.”

BACKLOG AWAITS. FUL. “The absence of that quorum has allowed 446 cases to gather dust on the enforcement docket — with three fifths of those stuck at the point in the process when the commissioners could review them.”

CANDIDATE SETTLES. FEC ADR 960. “Without a quorum, the Commission appears to be exercising its powers under a dubious legal theory,” according to this Covington alert.

CA: LIMITS SAME. SACB. “The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors unanimously rejected a request to raise the campaign contribution limits for three county-wide elected offices that would have allowed them to raise as much as $25,000 from a single contributor in an election cycle.”

GA: DONATIONS SPOTLIGHT. 13WMAZ. “Some of the names and businesses listed on Anita Reynolds Howard’s campaign contribution reports are what you would typically see, like politicians, lawyers, and law firms in town, but when you take a closer look, you see some of the names are suspects and companies related to a racketeering and illegal gambling investigation conducted by current District Attorney David Cooke.”

MS: DISCLOSURE QUESTION. KSTP. “Yet, when Ellison asked lawmakers to review the contract last year, he did not disclose that one of the firms, Robins Kaplan, had been a longtime supporter of his career in public office.”


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