4.1 political law links

FINANCE FEUD. HILL. “A Warren campaign aide told CNN on Sunday that Pratt is leaving as a result of Warren’s pledge not to take contributions from big-money donors.”

GAO LOBBYIST AUDITS. HILL. “GAO found that 33 percent of the LD-203 political contribution reports didn’t disclose relevant contributions. GAO estimates that figure is a statistically significant increase compared to prior years.”

OIL PLEDGE. TT. “As he launches his candidacy for president this weekend in oil-rich Texas, Beto O’Rourke is taking some flack from the left for all the money he got from drilling interests during his race for the U.S. Senate — and about reports of his more recent refusal to sign on to the “No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge.'”

OGE QUESTIONS. AP. “The U.S. Office of Government Ethics is refusing to certify one of the final financial disclosure reports of ex-Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt, citing the cut-rate $50-a-night deal Pruitt had for a luxury Washington condo.”

NY: FINAL HURDLE. TSU. “Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and legislative leaders worked to clear a final roadblock to consensus on New York’s $175 billion spending plan late Saturday night, as details of a potential compromise on publicly financed elections began to filter out of the negotiating room.”

OR: FIRST STEP. OBP. “The Senate Campaign Finance Committee approved a measure for the May 2020 primary ballot. It would undo state Supreme Court rulings that have struck down previous limits as an infringement of free-speech rights.”

PA: ROOM GONE. CL. “It happened without any warning: The ‘lobbyist room’ at the back of Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives chamber was closed and is now off limits to lobbyists.”

WA: ACOUNTABILITY SOUGHT. ST. “Let the people at least see who gives how much to whom so that they can judge for themselves if the giver is buying undue influence.”


3.28 political law links

GROUP RAISING. HILL. “A group unaffiliated with President Trump’s reelection campaign raised over $100,000 in January after placing more than 200,000 robocalls, according to CNN’s KFile.”

DEAL DISCLOSURE. BLMB. “A liberal watchdog group is calling for a comprehensive review of the White House’s ethics program, citing a pattern of omissions about future employment on financial disclosure forms by aides to President Donald Trump.”

MOVING TO SENATE. MCN. “A Senate version of the For the People Act, backed by the Democrats, has been introduced, and whether it perishes from the Hill is up to the Republican majority.”

AZ: MONEY MOVE. AZC. “Armed with volunteers and 15 months until a deadline, former Attorney General Terry Goddard launched a new bid Tuesday to end ‘dark money’ anonymous donations to Arizona political campaigns.”

CA: FRIENDLY LOAN. CM. “To buy a house, an Orange County legislator received a $430,000 personal loan from a former Orange County congresswoman—an arrangement that some legal experts labeled unusual, but that both politicians said was not improper.”

MN: SUPER PAC START. DNT. “Minnesota state Sen. Karin Housley has started a political action committee to raise money for conservative candidates for Congress.”

MO: BAN PRIORITY. KCRU. “Gross has introduced legislation to the Missouri House which would ban the practice of accepting “dark money,” a political term used to describe anonymous campaign contributions from certain organizations, such as nonprofits.”


3.27 political law links

DEADLINE LOOMS. POL. “Democratic presidential candidates are on a white-knuckle ride to March 31, the quarterly reporting deadline that will signal who’s rolling in cash and who’s scraping just to establish viability.”

“I APPROVED THIS MESSAGE BUT YOU PAID FOR IT.” PF. “A sarcastic new ad video Walker put out this month pokes fun at political campaign ads — and House Democrats’ plan to help finance them.”

PAC USE QUESTIONS. FB. “Embattled Democratic lawyer Michael Avenatti, who on Monday was arrested for an extortion plot involving Nike and was separately alleged to embezzle client money while falsifying tax returns, appears to have used a political action committee that he established to help liberal candidates as a personal slush fund, Federal Election Commission filings show.”

CA: MEMBER FINED. FB. “Fresno Unified trustee Valerie Davis has been fined $968 by the state Fair Political Practices Commission for failing to report large contributions to her 2018 campaign in the mandated timeframe.”

PA: NO COMMENT. TL. “Westmoreland County Commissioner Gina Cerilli on Monday refused to comment on $1,900 in donations her campaign received from a deceased family friend implicated in a human trafficking and prostitution ring at area massage parlors.”