Iowa Fines

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) – State Senator Matt McCoy and Des Moines businessman John Ruan (ROO-an) III have agreed to pay fines over alleged violations of campaign finance laws.The Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board approved a settlement yesterday. McCoy, a Des Moines Democrat, and Ruan agreed to pay fines of $1,250 each in connection with contributions made to Democrat Michael Blouin’s campaign for governor in 2006.

Records show that Ruan gave McCoy a $2,500 check and McCoy wrote a check to Blouin’s campaign for $2,500.

Charlie Smithson of the state ethics board says he believes the exchange of money between Ruan, McCoy and Blouin’s campaign was more than coincidence.

State code prohibits someone from making a contribution in the name of another person or accept a contribution made by someone in the name of another.

As part of the settlement, neither McCoy nor Ruan admit they intended to violate state campaign finance law.

The background or settlement doesn’t seem to be online, yet.

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