Blogger Protection Proposed

The Center for Competitive Politics Blog notes that the Blogger Protection Act of 2008 was introduced.  The proposed legislation, introduced today, guarantees blogs the same protections granted to other forms of media under federal campaign finance laws. “Bloggers deserve to have … Continue reading

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527 v. 501(c)(4) v. ?

The Campaign Finance Institute released its analysis of recent 527 and 501(c)(4) activity.  It’s a must-read, including the conclusion (although the groups themselves might not put it in these terms): While soft money groups do not spend nationally on the … Continue reading

LDA Enforcement

Going to the Mat (thanks for my first-ever link!) references my earlier post regarding LDA/HLOGA enforcement and asks if the severe punishments provided for in HLOGA will ever be enforced.   (HLOGA contains increased civil penalties and new criminal penalties — prison … Continue reading