Raul Martinez Emails Cause Controversy

The Miami Herald reports that emails sent by a Congressional campaign are causing a controversy. 

Thousands of Miami-Dade County employees got a blast Wednesday, in the form of an e-mail from the Raul Martinez for Congress campaign, telling of the former Hialeah mayor’s accomplishments and asking for money.

”Please consider making a contribution today to the campaign. $50, $25, $10. . . . Any amount you can afford will help the campaign,” said the e-mail from Raulmartinez@raul2008.com.

Not all the 24,000 employees or so who have e-mail got the message, and the county’s large technical staff stemmed the flow by creating a firewall.

Martinez campaign director Kyle Stevens said the e-mail blast was ”unintentional,” and said the addresses came from the Democratic Party.

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