First Quarter LDA Filings Go Smoothly?

For all the angst generated by last fall’s lobbying and ethics overhaul — and the new disclosure requirements that came with it — the first reporting deadline under the new law came and went this week with only minimal drama.

Although the first disclosure report under the new law seemed to go well by most accounts, some organizations did express anxiety over the next filing deadline coming July 20, which will require lobbyists to reveal their contributions to political candidates and parties.

“The challenge will be the report that’s due in July,” said Panneton, who said it will necessitate coordinating with a range of people in the association, including those overseeing the group’s political action committee. “I have to go back and re-read the guidelines.”

 CQ reports here.  In July, new certifications will be required:

The final part of the form is a certification that the filer has read and is familiar with those provisions of the Standing Rules of the Senate and the Rules of the House of Representatives relating to the provisions of gifts and travel and has not knowingly provided gifts and or travel in violation of either Chamber’s Rules. The form contains a check box for the certification, and the user ID and Password process has provided the signature on file with the Clerk and the Secretary for each filer. Please note that in the case of a registrant, a signatory is an individual who is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in the filing. Under section 6 of the LDA, the Secretary and Clerk refer registrants and lobbyists who fail to provide an appropriate response within sixty (60) days to either officer’s written communication rather than the signatory.

Each filer, regardless of any contribution activity or any lack thereof, must file Form LD-203 semiannually due to the certification provision.

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