Defense Rests in Fieger Case has the report:

 Questioned by Assistant U.S. Attorney Lynn Helland, Fieger insisted the payments he gave his employees were bonuses – “extra income” from which he was careful to deduct taxes – and denied they were coerced into donating to the Edwards campaign.

“Of course it was their money. I can’t get it back,” Fieger said, adding that people can choose to donate to political campaigns at any level.

“And if you do it for the president, you get appointed ambassador,” he said as chuckles rippled through Judge Paul Borman’s courtroom.

Campaign officials for Edwards weren’t aware of the alleged actions, according to the indictment. The Justice Department has said the former North Carolina senator and his campaign staff cooperated fully with the investigation.

Fieger concluded almost 2 1/2 days of testimony by describing a Nov. 30, 2005 raid on his office in which FBI and Internal Revenue Service agents took payroll and other financial documents, as well as ticket stubs for an Edwards fundraiser and other campaign materials.

Trenchcoat-clad agents “terrorized” his staffers and alerted local television stations to the raid, which he termed politically motivated “thuggery.”

“It’s called shock and awe,” he told Helland. “And I knew you were doing it to get me.”

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