Alleged California Reimbursements

A scheme involving allegedly reimbursed contributions was reported today in The Press-Enterprise. 

The indictment outlines one series of actions that begins July 5, 2006,¬†with Leggio issuing a $10,000 check to Nick Vito Cacucciolo. On the same day, Cacucciolo issued $3,300 checks to two individuals “in reimbursement for contributions to the Committee to Elect Brenda Salas.”

The defendants made contributions to several state campaign committees in the Inland area, including two committees for Dutton: in his 2002 race for the Assembly, and his 2004 run for the state Senate, both of which he won.

Bill Leonard, a former legislator, received contributions for his successful bid for the state Board of Equalization in 2002. Assemblyman Anthony Adams, R-Hesperia, received donations for his 2006 campaign for the 59th Assembly District.

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