S.3123 Gets Coverage

This Hill article explains some of the concerns over S. 3123, a bill proposed by Senators Schumer and Obama to amend FARA.

First, lobbyists would have to report any contacts they have with U.S. government officials outside of the country, such as ambassadors, on behalf of their foreign clients.

Second, it would remove an exemption under FARA that allows lobbyists representing U.S. subsidiaries of foreign-based private companies not to register as foreign agents as long as they do register under the LDA.

. . .

Schumer’s bill would require much more paperwork for companies that now only have to register under the LDA. Supplemental reports required under FARA every six months can stretch to more than a hundred pages at times. Every contact between a lobbyist and a U.S. government official must be listed, along with their political contributions. In addition, public-relations materials, such as form letters and fact sheets, must be filed with the Justice Department.

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