Campaign Signs Sprouting Like Weeds

This is the season for all manner of complaints and charges regarding yard signs and other political signs and stickers.  Campaigns charge that their signs are being damaged or worse.  This Michigan story is somewhat novel.

U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers said this week he feels complimented by a campaign sign put up by attorney Neal Nielsen, even if the billboard is being questioned because it sits on public property and may violate state election law.

The large “Rogers for Congress” sign sits along I-96 next to the new Genoa Township fire station operated by the Brighton Area fire Authority.

Attorney Neal Nielsen donated the land for the fire station with the caveat that he be allowed to continue “unlimited and unrestricted” use of the sign for whatever purposes he chooses.

Some local laws seem to be obstructing homeowners from exercising their freedom of speech.

Residents of Plainfield, Lebanon and other communities have been surprised by local laws banning political campaign signs more than 30 days before an election. They have received warning letters or sometimes even had their signs yanked by city workers.

Some localities are not enforcing 30-day restrictions on the books.

A Delaware city lost a lawsuit involving allegations that city workers removed campaign signs.

One Hawaii columnist says we shouldn’t get too upset over stolen signs.

Sure, it’s irritating when somebody messes with your stuff, but it’s so high school. When you get to be a grown-up, you’re supposed to let things like that slide, because reacting to stupid stuff makes you a little bit stupid in the moment. It ends up getting so blown out of proportion. The police get called, as if they don’t have enough to do without opening investigations into alleged sign stealing. In at least one instance, a candidate actually hired a detective to stake out his signs overnight.

Taking a sign leads to a petty larceny charge in New York.

Finally… here’s a thoughtful post on the environmental-friendliness of yard signs.  I’ll try to have a few more yard sign posts as the election season continues.

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