The Real Truth About Obama

The Times has an editorial on The Real Truth About Obama litigation in federal court.

Posing as a mere “issue advocacy” operation, the group’s ad attacks Mr. Obama’s character and accuses him of “lying” about his abortion record. In truth, it trashes the candidate’s nuanced position. It even employs an Obama-like voice pledging to make taxpayers pay for abortions, help minors conceal abortions from their parents, and legalize late-term abortions.

The group’s legal filings includes proposed text for two ads, posted below for their relevance to the important legal issues in dispute and for no other reason.  One is “Survivor”:

NURSE: The abortion was supposed to kill him, but he was born alive. I couldn’t bear to follow hospital policy and leave him on a cold counter to die, so I held and rocked him for 45 minutes until he took his last breath.

MALE VOICE: As an Illinois Democratic State Senator, Barack Obama voted three times to deny lifesaving medical treatment to living, breathing babies who survive abortions. For four years, Obama has tried to cover-up his horrendous votes by saying the bills didn’t have clarifying language he favored. Obama has been lying. Illinois documents from the very committee Obama chaired show he voted against a bill that did contain the clarifying language he says he favors. Obama’s callousness in denying lifesaving treatment to tiny babies who survive abortions reveals a lack of character and compassion that should give everyone pause.

Paid for by The Real Truth About Obama, Inc.

The other ad is called “Change”:

(Woman’s voice) Just what is the real truth about Democrat Barack Obama’s position on abortion?
(Obama-like voice) Change. Here is how I would like to change America . . . about abortion:
• Make taxpayers pay for all 1.2 million abortions performed in America each year
• Make sure that minor girls’ abortions are kept secret from their parents
• Make partial-birth abortion legal
• Give Planned Parenthood lots more money to support abortion
• Change current federal and state laws so that babies who survive abortions will die soon after they are born
• Appoint more liberal Justices on the U.S. Supreme Court.
One thing I would not change about America is abortion on demand, for any reason, at any time during pregnancy, as many times as a woman wants one.
(Woman’s voice). Now you know the real truth about Obama’s position on abortion.
Is this the change that you can believe in?

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