McCain-Feingold and Ex-Girlfriends

An interesting Q&A with Sen. Feingold in Wilamette Week:

[Q:] Your name will be forever associated with McCain’s because of the groundbreaking McCain-Feingold campaign finance rules. These days, does that association feel a bit like having the name of an ex-girlfriend tattooed on your biceps?
[A:] [Laughs] Not at all! I’m very proud of the McCain-Feingold law. It was probably one of the most important bipartisan bills of the last 30 years, and it did exactly what it was supposed to do: eliminate these huge, unlimited contributions being raised by members of Congress. So I’m proud of that. But I’m also proud of being the co-author of Barack Obama’s major piece of legislation, the lobbying and ethics law.… The McCain-Feingold bill was just a first step. There are many other steps that have to be taken. First and foremost is, we have to reform the public-financing system for the presidential elections, which has worked in the past.

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