WA: Deposition

Supporters of one political party sue and depose an opposing party’s candidate for Governor days before the election and the deposition transcript is posted online here.

Republican candidate for governor Dino Rossi answered questions Wednesday in Seattle regarding a lawsuit brought by supporters of his Democratic opponent, Gov. Chris Gregoire. A King County Superior Court judge said Monday that the public interest demanded Rossi answer questions before Election Day about the lawsuit, which alleges illegal campaign spending by his biggest backer, the Building Industry Association of Washington.Two former Supreme Court justices, Faith Ireland and Robert Utter, both of whom support Gregoire, brought the case. The questioning was conducted by Democratic lawyers Knoll Lowney and Mike Withey, who said they would hone in on whether Rossi helped coordinate a political fundraising drive by the BIAW last year. 


There are clear connections, however, between the lawsuit and Gregoire’s political allies.Fuse Washington, a nonprofit group acting as press agent for the plaintiffs, recently received a $35,000 political action committee donation from Evergreen Progress, the major pro-Gregoire independent spending group.

Evergreen Progress, in turn, is headed by a Gregoire donor, Rick Desimone, and bankrolled mostly by the national Democratic Governors Association and labor unions. The group has spent more than $6 million to support Gregoire and oppose Rossi.

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