Abramoff Update

In the latest news in the Abramoff controversy, there is a dispute between Kevin Ring and prosecutors over documents.

Lawyers for indicted lobbyist Kevin Ring are fighting with federal prosecutors over whether the government has to turn over internal White House documents to Ring’s defense team, according to recent court filings.

Ring’s lawyers are pressing Justice Department lawyers to turn over any information they developed on Ring with the help of imprisoned former GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff, as well as White House documents and materials from congressional offices that Ring lobbied. Ring’s lawyers have refused to tell the government whether they intend to call Abramoff as a witness in the case.

On other news, here are some interesting views on the government’s prosecution of David Safavian.

To many, the name David Safavian is synonymous with Jack Abramoff, cronyism and luxurious international getaways. But for some who have watched the circuitous case of the Bush administration’s former top procurement official unfold, Safavian personifies a far less conventional image: that of an unaccountable Justice Department obsessed with collecting headlines and high-profile scalps.

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