Kentucky Derby Dinner: Who Paid?

Here’s the latest in Massachusetts on the issues surrounding the award of a state contract.

A South Shore legislator listed in a troubled lobbyist’s reimbursement report says he paid his dinner tab with personal funds and can’t even remember the conversation.

Rep. Ron Mariano dined at the 2007 Kentucky Derby with Richard McDonough, who has been linked to the controversial awardng of state contracts to Cognos ULC, a software company.

The reimbursement report, which complies with the state’s request for more information about payments to McDonough from Cognos, offers details on a $13,000 trip to Louisville. By filing the report, the lobbyist avoided being suspended for six years in the state.

According to the report, McDonough was paid $1,927 for three meals with a Cognos sales agent and three House committee chairmen: Mariano, the financial services chairman, and Reps. Brian Dempsey and Michael Costello.

The report notes that the representatives contributed toward the tab, but doesn’t say how much.

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