Lobbyist “Dream Team” for Sewer Money

A Monroe County, Florida administrator seeks to coordinate a lobbyist “dream team” to secure sewer funding, according to this report.

Among the best known in the state that [Monroe County administrator Roman] Gastesi wants: South Florida lobbyist Ron Book, whose task will be to go after the $200 million in state funding.

The other six lobbyists on Gastesi’s dream team: Rodney Baretto and Brian May of Floridian Partners LLC, Al Lorenzo of Quantum Results, and Carl Chidlow, Alberto Cardenas — a former state GOP chairman — and Colin Mueller of Tew Cardenas LLP. Gastesi is a former employee of Tew Cardenas.

The total cost for the lobbyists would be $20,000 per month. That full-court press would cost each stakeholder — if all six were in — $3,333 a month.

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