In Brussels

An American style-lobbying campaign in Brussels?  The International Herald Tribune notes that the recent debate over net neutrality in Europe features many U.S. lobbyists.

As the reputation of Europe grows as the world’s technology regulator, representatives in a conflict that pits the AT&Ts and Verizons against the Googles and Yahoos are attempting to shape European law in the hopes that U.S. regulators will follow suit.

During the past two months, lobbyists for the U.S. operators and Internet businesses have sent letters to European Union lawmakers promoting their competing legislative agendas, according to copies of the letters obtained by the International Herald Tribune.

Lobbyists for AT&T and Google have also discussed the issue – and in one case directly debated it – in forums held in Brussels for lawmakers and other policy makers.

Lobbying by U.S. businesses in Brussels is not unusual. More than 30 U.S. companies like Pfizer, Microsoft, McDonald’s, Philip Morris, Westinghouse and Kraft Foods employ lobbyists in Brussels, according to the European Parliament. Foreign countries and businesses also hire lobbyists to work in Washington.

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