Sole-Proprietor Lobbying Firms

According to’s Government Relations Alert, sole proprietorship lobbying firms apparently received non-compliance letters related to their failure to file the LD-203.

Several sole-proprietor firms and organizations employing one lobbyist received letters of non-compliance for failure to complete both an organization filing and an individual lobbyist filing, based on comments submitted on the LD-203.
Lobbyists stated in the comments on their reports that letters were sent to them by the office of the Secretary of the Senate Feb. 5 notifying them of non-compliance due to lack of filing either an organization or individual 2008 mid-year LD-203 report. In several cases, they submitted one of the reports, but did not file the other.
The revised Lobbying Disclosure Act guidance released by the House Legislative Resource Center and the Senate of the Secretary in January emphasized that lobbyists in small lobbying firms are required to submit two LD-203 filings, even if the organization name filed on a registration form is the lobbyist’s name. Several people, when filing their required mid-year report last month, commented that the process was duplicative.
Other lobbyists amended their filings to show that they made particular contributions, instead of the organizations where they are employed.

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