PMA Group Update

The Times discusses the latest developments in the PMA Group story in this editorial.

The list of PMA’s pals is topped by Mr. Visclosky, Representative John Murtha, the powerful defense appropriations subcommittee chairman, and Representative James Moran. But it doesn’t stop there. Since 1998, PMA doled out more than $40 million in donations to members of Congress. Last year, more than 100 lawmakers earmarked $300 million in contracts for PMA’s clients.

Roll Call reports on efforts to get House Ethics to say whether or not they are looking into the matter.

The Democrats’ resolution, offered by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (Md.) with the backing of leadership, would give the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct 45 days to report on whether it is probing PMA’s dealings with the lawmakers. The measure passed 270-134, with 28 Republicans crossing the aisle to support it.

The resolution is H.Res. 500 and the vote is here.  As of this writing the text of the resolution is not on Thomas.

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