President Obama’s Travel

The Post takes a look at President’ Obama’s travel destinations since coming into office.

The Obama administration has had a publicly conflicted relationship with the political aspect of governing, despite a White House senior staff and political operation designed to account for public opinion in making decisions. Senior advisers acknowledge privately that policy without political relevance cannot succeed, whereas they insist publicly that this White House is less tethered to political considerations than previous ones.

Sheila Krumholz, executive director of the nonprofit Center for Responsive Politics, called Obama’s travel choices “standard operating procedure.”

She said Obama, who campaigned on a pledge to change the ways of Washington, should provide more detail on the cost of political travel and how the reimbursement amounts are set.

“This is a president who harped on transparency in the election,” she said. “And this is another opportunity for him to live up to the standard the administration has set for itself.”

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