Committee to Modernize Voter Registration

In this editorial The Post endorses the work of the Committee to Modernize Voter Registration.

ONE WAS general counsel to John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign, the other held a similar post with Al Franken’s campaign for the Minnesota U.S. Senate seat. It’s hard to imagine Trevor Potter and Marc Elias agreeing on much. Yet the experiences of last fall’s political campaigns helped convince both men that there is something fundamentally wrong with how America votes — or, more precisely, how America registers to vote. The result is a unique, bipartisan effort that we hope will prod Congress and the states to action.

Formation of a group will not, in itself, bring about change. But by helping to foster a national conversation, the committee performs a valuable function, particularly because its voices are not encumbered by the partisan rancor that too often accompanies election reform. Congress ought to pay attention.

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