“You Lie” and Rep. Wilson’s Twitter Followers

Rep. Wilson’s number of followers on Twitter jumped to 8,600 after President Obama’s Wednesday night address, according to The Hill.  He also posted a YouTube video here.  He linked to the video directly from his Twitter account and the landing page includes the video and a solicitation for contributions to his campaign.  News reports indicate that Wilson’s opponent raised over $400,000 since President Obama’s speech.

UPDATE:  Colin Delany at e.politics gives his expert’s eye view on the issue:

Do these things do any good? With no follow-up, they’ll likely give people an outlet for their emotions, but not much else beyond a way to show some modicum of public support. As the core of a recruiting effort? It never hurts to put a face on an issue, but you’ll still need to convert casual supporters into actual activists. And that’ll take more than a click on a Facebook sign-up button.

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