Sen. John McCain’s Internet Freedom Act

Senator John McCain is set to introduce his Internet Freedom Act in response to a Federal Communications Commission rulemaking addressing net neutrality issues, according to this report.  Senator McCain’s press release is here.

U.S. Senator John McCain today introduced legislation that would prohibit the Federal Communications Commission from enacting rules that would regulate the Internet.  The Commission will meet today to determine whether the historically open architecture and free flow of the Internet should be subject to onerous federal regulation.  Specifically, the Commission will seek to impose “net neutrality” rules that would reign in the network management practices of all Internet service providers, including wireless phone companies.  

This government takeover of the Internet will stifle innovation, in turn slowing our economic turnaround and further depressing an already anemic job market.  Outside of health care, the technology industry is the nation’s fastest growing job market.  Innovation and job growth in this sector of our economy is the key to America’s future prosperity.  In 2008, while most industries were slashing jobs in the worst economy in nearly 30 years, high tech industries actually added over 77,000 good high-paying jobs.  Just this month, Google and Yahoo both released positive earnings reports.


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  1. A quick question and the government and the internet,
    Are there any laws against the White House hosting a politically biased and profitable .com website? For instance the only contact info for this website is