Bauer’s appointment as White House Counsel reverses longstanding trend, says Times

The Times covers Robert Bauer’s appointment as White House Counsel here.

Many presidents initially name a close friend and ally to the post, and then turn to a well-known Washington legal fixture when they run into legal or political trouble.

Bauer’s law firm, Perkins Coie LLP, is a registrant under the Lobbying Disclosure Act.

The Post report on Bauer’s selction is here.

Republican operatives reacted swiftly, issuing a statement that called him a “Hyper-Partisan Election Attorney” and noting his participation in what they called liberal legal disputes over the years.

“Bauer has [a] reputation for pushing the bounds of campaign finance law, contradictory to Obama’s articulated principles,” the statement from the Republican National Committee said.

And one former Republican counsel said Bauer will need to rely on his close relationship with Obama because his legal background has not prepared him for challenges that he will face.

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