DynCorp and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

WSJ’s Law Blog reports on DynCorp’s actions after its recent disclosures relating to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Here’s the situation: DynCorp, a defense contractor, last week fired one of its top lawyers — executive counsel and chief compliance officer Curtis Schehr. The company didn’t explain the move, which was announced in an SEC filing last Wednesday. But the timing was curious, coming on the heels of DynCorp’s disclosure that some of its subcontractors may have violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in trying to speed up getting licenses and visas overseas.

UPDATE: Mike Koehler of FCPA Professor Blog discusses this disclosure today in this post.   I’ve added Professor Koehler’s blog to my collection of links.  Per the “mission statement” of his blog,

“FCPA Professor” seeks to inject a much needed scholarly voice into FCPA issues. Thus, in addition to covering the “who, what, and where” of FCPA enforcement actions, news, and legislative initiatives, this blog will also explore the more analytical “why” questions increasingly present in this current era of aggressive FCPA enforcement. The goal of this blog is thus to foster a forum for critical analysis and discussion of the FCPA (and related topics) among FCPA practitioners, business and compliance professionals, scholars and students, and other interested persons.

The site looks like another great resource for spotting FCPA issues in an era of heightened enforcement activity.

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