Does President Obama support the public option for campaigns?

In this editorial, The Times calls for President Obama to act on his campaign pledge to fix the “broken system” of financing campaigns.

He needs to set a strong example for Congress and the status quo laziness of Washington and move convincingly for revival of the public option, which served the nation well. This would create pressure for a similar system of restraint by Congressional candidates now basted with special-interest money. As the lucre builds to critical mass, a public option for Congressional and presidential candidates becomes ever more vital.


Does President Obama support the public option for campaigns? — 1 Comment

  1. Allegations of price-fixing, bid-rigging, exclusive sales contracts, local price cutting to freeze out competitors, and the dividing up of markets need to be fully explored through subpoenas and depositions (a law suit by all 50 States and joined by the Feds) so we can get rid of our dysfunctional corporate health care system that’s choking the economy to death.

    Federal workers and retirees can select plans at a cost range from $100 dollars a month for the cheapest individual coverage to $500 dollars for the most expensive family plan.

    I’m voting “MY” pocket book – I want lower premiums and less money taken out of my paycheck – if they want to help spur on the economy they will make sure this happens for all – not just a select group.

    90% of the wealth concentrated in 1% of the population is no way to run a country but a heck of a way to establish a royalty ruling class. Yacht sales can not sustain 350 million people. I’m for the public option, competition and a level playing field or break up the big insurers like we did AT&T.

    A slavish focus on profit margin might be good for the individual or a business, but it is one helluva lousy way to “govern” a Country. The GOP being a wholly owned subsidiary of Corporate America has a hard time with that concept.

    Paul Burke
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