Multinational corporations in target

The Hill reports that the President’s recent State of the Union comments on Citizens United and foreign involvement in politics may spur legislation.

Now, as the White House pushes for campaign-finance law changes that would reduce the impact of the recent Supreme Court decision, it is turning its attention to foreign-owned companies.

“As a result of this decision, American corporations owned in whole or in part by foreign companies — and even by foreign governments — are no longer restricted from making expenditures to elect or defeat federal candidates,” Eisen wrote Monday.

Eisen’s blog post (“Lobbyists rush to keep the floodgates open”) is available at the White House Blog here.  He sites “indepndent, non-partisan experts” who have echoed the President’s concern on foreign interests, Werthheimer, Common Cause and Public Campaign, Ornstein, and Gerald Hebert.

The American people have a compelling interest in preventing foreign interests from influencing our domestic political process.  A strong legislative response is required given the stakes: Americans’ control over their own electoral process.  That is why the President is working with Congressional leadership to move rapidly to pass legislation that protects our politics from undue special interest influence.

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