President Obama and a history of holds

The Washington Times discusses President Obama’s position on holds over the years in this story mentioning Hans von Spakovsky.

In 2007, Mr. Obama also put a hold on Hans A. von Spakovsky, whom Mr. Bush had nominated to serve on the Federal Election Commission. Mr. Obama disagreed with Mr. von Spakovsky’s support for allowing states to impose voter-identification requirements at the polls.

Mr. von Spakovsky, who is now senior legal fellow at the Heritage Foundation, said that was funny because federal courts had upheld voter-identification laws in Georgia and Indiana.

“He’s the last person that should be complaining about holds being put on nominees, because of the hold he put on me, which he had no reason to put on me other than pure politics,” Mr. von Spakovsky said.

On May 4, 2009, President Obama nominated John Sullivan to be a member of the Federal Election Commission.

The Times has an editorial denouncing a delay in the Senate’s consideration of the nomination of Dawn Johnsen today.

The Post has a full story on the President’s view of the Senate confirmation process.

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