The history of the moneybomb

Courtesy of TPM.

The term “moneybomb” was ultimately coined in 2007, by online supporters of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign. In this case, Paul supporters would hype a particular date as the day to donate, collect pledges in advance where possible, and then collect the contributions on that date. A Paul moneybomb on November 5, 2007 — timed to coincide with the British holiday of Guy Fawkes Day, which celebrates the defeat of a conspiracy in 1605 to blow up Parliament, and is best known to American audiences for the ironic treatment of the idea in V For Vendetta —¬†brought in over $4 million.


The history of the moneybomb — 2 Comments

  1. What isn’t known is the first well-known moneybomb was the 3rd or 4th try by Paul supporters. It’s an example of grassroots experimentation along with persistence.