C.U. response bill: fast track or no track?

In this Huffington Post piece, U.S. PIRG’s Lisa Gilbert urges quick congressional action on the Schumer-Van Hollen response to Citizens United.

The Schumer-Van Hollen bill is expected to be introduced within a few weeks. Congress must fast track it so that it can forestall the worst impacts of this decision in time for this year’s elections.

The Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky addresses similar issues in this legal memo.  From the abstract:

Critics of the Citizens United holding justify their opposition with two claims: that the decision will allow foreign corporations to affect American elections and that shareholders must be protected from political expenditures by corporations in which they own shares. Close scrutiny, however, reveals that all of these concerns are, to borrow from Shakespeare, much ado about nothing. Beyond that, the proposed remedies raise serious constitutional concerns.

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