House Ethics releases Rangel and PMA reports

The House Ethics Committee released full reports on two matters, one involving Rep. Rangel and the other involving PMA Group.  Aside from the attention warranted for these reports on their merits, the reports are sure to become required reading for political law practitioners.  The PMA Group report concludes that no House rule was violated by any Member or House employee in connection with PMA Group appropriations/earmark requests.  I’m sure some will find no shortage of unsavory details in the facts presented, notwithstanding the House Ethics Committee’s conclusion.  In the Rangel matter, the report provides an interesting window into how the House Ethics Committee gives approval on pending requests.  In fact, the report concludes that the actions of a House staffer involved in conferring with the sponsor of the trips “raises concerns” and that the that “the publication of this Report will serve as a public admonishment by the Committee to” the staffer.  Much more to come on both of these reports.

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